Firmware Upgrade, QWERTY and Font Tutorials by Corbitonians

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2012


1. Download Samsung Kies
2. Download the Arabic Firmware
3. Download Multiloader

4. Download the TkFile Explorer

NOTE: Download and Install everything before continuing.
Using the Multiloader:
1. Extract the Firmware.
2. Open the Multiloader.
3. Click the BRCM2133 radio button.
4. Click "Full Download".
5. Click Boot and select BOOTFILES from the extracted firmware folder.
6. Click Apps and select apps_compressed from the extracted firmware folder.
7. Click Rsrc1 and select Rsrc_S3850_Open_Arabic_Common_OJP from the extracted firmware folder.
8. Click Rsrc2 and select Rsrc2_S3850(Mid) from the extracted firmware folder.
9. Click Factory FS and select FactoryFs_S3850_Open_Arabic_Common_OJP from the extracted firmware folder.
10. Click CSC and select CSC_S3850_Open_Arabic_Common_OJP from the extracted firmware folder.
11. Click SHP APP and select ShpApp from the extracted firmware folder.
12. Turn off Corby II and remove your sim and memory card. Enter the download mode by pressing the answer key, power key and volume down button at once.
13. Connect your Corby II and hit Port Search button. It will show your port. (This is where we need kies)
14. Click Download. Wait and there you go, you have the Arabic Firmware.
NOTE: Return your sim card now.

Changing CSC:
1. Open your keypad and enter *#5239870*#
2. Select Pre-configuration.
3. Enter *#27236*#
4. Select JED and Install. The phone will automatically restart.

Upgrading the Arabic Firmware to have the Qwerty Pad:
1. Open Samsung Kies.
2. Connect your Corby II. Kies will automatically detect Corby II
3. If the firmware upgrade shows, accept it. It will begin downloading. Follow its instructions. You now have the Qwerty Key Pad.

Additional Info:
Adding Font (Connect phone):
 1. Download The TKFile Explorer and your fonts. (.ttf file format)
 2. Extract the file.
 3. To know your Port number, open "Run" and type devmgmt.msc from the  Start menu or right click My Computer and click manage. If you did the manage, select Device Manager.
 4. Go to Modems and right click the Samsung Mobile USB Modem entry. 
 5. Go to Modem Tab and there you'll see the port.
 6. Run the TKfile Explorer.
 7. Click the Settings Menu and click Com. Enter the COM Port you have seen. Ex. COM43
 8. Click File menu and select connect.
 9. Go to the location of your fonts. (Upper box of the window)
    Ex. C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Desktop/....
10. In the lower box, click AppEx, then User, then Font and Download.
11. Drag your font to there.
12. Disconnect your phone and restart it. You now have your fonts.

Removing Hidden and Locked Games.
Follow steps 1-8 from Adding fonts.
1. Open the [+] Phone (P:) drop down box from the lower left box part.
2. Open AppEx.
3. Open SysDefault and User
4. Open Java in both folders.
5. Click Hidden Games or the Locked Games in both.
6. Delete the Games you want to delete in both folders.
7. Disconnect your phone and restart it.

Credits to:
Jose Martin Tan
Winston Barredo Medina
Airiz Martinez
Himanshu Pathak
Miiss Jane


  1. Do you remove the usb cable before>>>>>>>>> "Turn off Corby II and remove your sim and memory card. Enter the download mode by pressing the answer key, power key and volume down button at once.""

  2. after i upgrade it there is no qwerty keypad :(

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  5. Broken link po yung Samsung Kies. 404 Not Found po ito.

  6. hindi po qwerty tapos ko nah na upgrade need help!!

  7. i am from Dominican Republic and would like to know how to put my 2 sansung corby factory and tried to update it as and what it does not appear to achieve anything that said I hope to answer by here and thank you beforehand

  8. its working,, but i dont have the utalk application and music,,

  9. tnx a works on my corby...:)

  10. I have spoiled by telephone and that I don't know what to do!?!

  11. ..omg !! its work :DD

    tnx a lot :*

  12. it worked. pero panu po ba ma-rereplay yung mga recorded messages ng answering machine?


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