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Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to configure GPRS, 3G, MMS on SMART

For GPRS setting you may do the following steps;
  1. Text GPRS SET from your mobile phone (sms) and send it to 211
  2. Or activate GPRS,MMS and 3G with SIM Connect via Sim Setting on Smart Menu
  3. You can also link your smart mobile number to website from your PC. Register and manage your account. Once “linked” click Manage to activate GPRS,MMS and 3G setting for your mobile phone. (“Upon receiving the configuration setting sent thru text, SAVE it all. Enter pin 1234 once asked.”)
You may also configure SMART GPRS manually;
Connection name: SMARTGRPS
Data bearer: Packet data
Access point: smart1
User name: (leave blank)

Prompt Password: No

Password: (leave blank)

Authentication: Normal


Network Type: IPv4

Phone IP address:

Name servers: Automatic

Proxy server address:

Proxy port number: 8080 or 9201
To simply activate 3G on your phone text any of the following keywords to 211 or 333;
  • 3G ON send it to 211 or 333
  • GPRS ON send it to 211 or 333
  • MMS ON send it to 211 or 333


How to activate GPRS, MMS on GLOBE

You can activate GLOBE GPRS and MMS on your mobile phone by sending GO (phone model) to 2951. To learn about the right keyword to key-in for phone model, you may send your mobile brand to 2365.
For example;
  1. Type Nokia and send it to 2365.
  2. Once you get the correct keyword of your mobile unit, text GO (phone unit) to 2951 (ex.; GO N75 to 2951)
Enter 1234 once asked for the PIN.
For Manual Configuration of GPRS;
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access point name:
User name: none
Promt password: No
Authentication: Normal
Connection security: Off
Session mode: Permanent
Advanced Settings
Proxy server address:
Proxy port number: 8080


How to activate GPRS, MMS on SUN Cellular

  1. You can text ACTIVATE and send it to 2300
  2. Or call sun cellular service hotline# 200 from your handset or 395-8000 via landline.
For manual configuration of WAP or GPRS setting on SUN;
Connection name: Sun GPRS
Data Bearer: GPRS
APN or Acces Point: wap
Use Proxy :
Port : 8080
Change authentication to PAP or CHAP


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