TUTORIAL: Samsung Corby / Genio Disassembly Procedure

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DISCLAIMER:  This tutorial is for information purposes only, and I'm not responsible or can be held liable if you screw up your Corby by following this tutorial. Carefully dismantle your Samsung Corby 1 and follow this tutorial at your own risk! 
Enough of that, onto the tutorial! Taking the phone apart is a long and involved process, so make sure you have at least a couple of hours to do this if it’s the first time. Also make sure you have proper lighting and the right tools.

Tools required:
  Phillips screwdriver
  Plastic tool such as a guitar plectrum or credit card.

Remove your back cover, battery, SIM and memory card. Six screws need to be removed, circled in red. Once you have removed the screws you can remove the battery compartment. To do so, pry open the clips, circled in white, then pry the battery compartment away from the rest of the phone.
Below you can see the battery compartment coming away from the rest of the phone.

With the battery compartment removed your phone should look like below. A ribbon connector (circled in blue) needs to be disconnected. It attaches like a plug and socket. Just lever this up to unplug. A second ribbon connector, circled in white, needs to be disconnected. To do so, lift the black part, which is on a hinge, up towards the ribbon. Then pull the ribbon out of the socket. The switches for the camera and volume buttons, indicated by the arrows, are stuck to the side of the phone with double sided tape. Peel each switch away from the side of the phone being careful not to damage the wire which connects each switch to the circuit board. Now remove the four screws you can see. The two at the bottom of the phone are longer than the two at the top. Remember this when you put the phone back together.

You can now simply lift the circuit board away from the rest of the phone, as shown below. Now pull the front cover in the direction of the arrows. This will release the grey plate which covers the back of the LCD screen.

With the grey plate removed your phone will look like below.

Now carefully slide something thin a flat, like a credit card or guitar plectrum, under the outer edge of the LCD screen. This will release the double sided tape holding it in place.

You should now have the LCD screen removed. Reverse the whole procedure for reassembly. 

If you have any questions about Samsung S3650 Corby disassembly, email rob.lee
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source: formymobile.uk

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