CORBY 2 THEMES: Samsung Galaxy S3 Theme by Bham

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012

CORBY 2 THEMES: Samsung Galaxy S3 Theme by Bham
With the latest version of Android, a whopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen and a whole suite of Apple-beating features, is the new Samsung Galaxy SIII the greatest phone ever?

Samsung has made a big deal about this new phone, not only choosing to launch it at a big and glitzy standalone event in London but also claiming nearly 10 million pre-orders before it's even launched.  

7 themes
8 widgets

Download Corby 2 Themes Here


This installation guide is for SAMSUNG Corby 2 user...
1.Click the Download button to get the .smt file
2. Send .smt  file from your PC to your mobile via USB or Bluetooth
3. Go to MENU > My Files > Themes > Tap the name of the theme (e.g.heroesofnewerth.smt)
4. Tap Set and Exit and you're done.


  1. I don't have a corby phone right now but because of this site, I might suggest to my wife that next phone she will buy is Corby.

  2. not only corby its corby 2 or GT-S3850

  3. dude thank u so much for making like this nice job brod..... mr LM.

  4. What a not working theme

  5. Dude, how we going to do the following menu keys to guide the message

  6. uhm..I can't find the Galaxy clock widget..and how do you make those icons for contacts, messages appear? But the rest are brilliant. Vet brilliant. Thanks!

  7. File type not supported

  8. Where to download it??? wheres the download button?


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