CORBY 2 UI: Android Broken Screen Lock V3.3 by Mond Macam

Posted on Friday, August 10, 2012

Disclaimer: CorbyLove will not be responsible nor liable for any damage that might happen to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. This process has been tested and verified working on Samsung Corby 2.

 CORBY 2 UI: Android Broken Screen Lock V3.3 by Mond Macam
This installation guide is for SAMSUNG Corby 2 user only...
1. Install Samsung Kies and Multiloader
2. Open your multiloader
3. Click BRCM2133
4. Now choose the file you want to change like rc1, ffs, csc, etc then click browse button beside it and locate the modded file. 
5. After that turn off your phone and put it in download mode*
6. Connect your Corby 2 to PC with USB cable.
7. Click port search until multiloader shows COM port Ready Frappe.
8. Now click Download button and wait until the process is complete.
9. Your phone will restart after the process is complete.
10.  You can now unplug the USB from your PC. Enjoy!

*How to Activate download mode on Corby 2
press and hold Volume down button+Call button+On/Off button until your phone shows arrow on phone image. 
download mode on samsung corby 2
download mode on samsung corby 2

If you want to change CSC file better remove the SIM card before proceeding. upgrading your firmware is also advisable.

Download Corby 2 Touchscreen UI
 for relashing to orginal ui screen


  1. ask ko lang po. bakit ganun? i tried it tapos after ng download, edi successful daw tapos nung nagrestart phone ko biglang nag boot fail tapos merong lumabas na upload data to pc. haha buti na lang naayos ko agad.. ^_^

  2. try it on your own risk haha pero wag ka magpanic pag merong lumabas na UPLOAD DATA TO PC ang gawin mo lang, turn off your phone then do this: press and hold Volume down button+Call button+On/Off button until your phone shows arrow on phone image. then open mo yun multiloader tapos Run the MultiLoader and select ( BRCM2133 ) Connect the USB cable. In the program window press Port Search Button to check good connection. If you want to flash Boot files then check: Full Download option and then press Boot button and select Boot files folder (For repair restart/hang) Now you have to select these files : Apps - Rsrc1 - Rsrc2 - FactoryFS - CSC - SHP APP each one in its field. Press Download button to start the programming operation. Do not remove phone or cable till the program finish the whole process.

    yun lang. haha pero pag chineck mo yung firmware mo sa kies magiging (kor) yung firm mo ^_^

  3. thanks for the detailed reply harrison. enjoy! :)

  4. meron pa pala haha pag sinaksak nyo sa kies, hindi nya mareread yung frim na KOR type, para palitan yung csc, after the restart eto gawin nyo ^_^ On keypad type *#5239870*#. Select Pre-configuration, Enter *#27236*#. Select jed and press Install tapos Phone will restart :) sana makatulong ^^

  5. SIr/mam: can i have your permission..
    gusto ko lang po share sa iba.. sa isang Community site :)
    here's the sample

    Credit ko po yung Site nyu :))


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