CORBY 2 THEMES: Patapon Theme by Lacrimosa

Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2012
CORBY 2 THEMES: Patapon Theme by Lacrimosa

Considered a hybrid of both music and Real Time Strategy games, Patapon is a PSP game which focuses on the control of an army of small, cyclopean creatures through a series of brightly-colored, silhouetted, 2D scenarios. The only HUD present in-game is the health bar of your Patapon squads and the "help" option which shows all of the commands you have unlocked; there isn't such a thing as a cursor or control panel. Instead, the actions of the Patapons as a group are determined by a series of 4 beats, in-tempo with the background song. Each of the 4 face buttons represents a drum; the combination of these sounds create orders for your army to follow, such as "advance", "attack", "defend", and so on. Efficiently giving out orders to your Patapons without missing a beat will lead to them entering "Fever" mode, during which they will become stronger and faster, as well as gaining new attacks. This Fever mode becomes increasingly necessary as the game progresses.The game also has several minigames to let you improve your army (all of them rhythm-based) and several RPG elements, letting you customize your Patapons with the stronger weapons you can find, etc.

Download Corby 2 Themes Here

This installation guide is for SAMSUNG Corby 2 user...
1.Click the Download button to get the .smt file
2. Send .smt  file from your PC to your mobile via USB or Bluetooth
3. Go to MENU > My Files > Themes > Tap the name of the theme (e.g.heroesofnewerth.smt)
4. Tap Set and Exit and you're done.

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