Postal 240 x 320 Touchscreen Mobile Java Game

Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2012

 Postal 240 x 320 Touchscreen Mobile Java Game  Postal 240 x 320 Mobile Java Game
Postal 240 x 320 Touchscreen Mobile Java Game 

Postal - it's a total mess, bloody madness, a dream of all maniacs! Corrupt cops? Brazen bandits? Idle power? And you stole a wheelbarrow?? Dude, I think, they forget who is really mad! Declare war on all criminals, police authorities and other nitwits who had folly to stand with us on the road to justice. He who is not with us - or against us, and so will be punished. Can you three days to shake provincial town and get the news?

The streets are full of gang members, cops are just venal cowards not upholding law and order in the City. Like it? Hey, dude, I got news for you! One good, and one bad. The bad one is that just few minutes ago your car has been hijacked. But the good one is that it is time to go berserk and take things in your own hands. It’s time to go Postal!!!

This installation guide is for SAMSUNG Corby 2 user...
Game Installation: English
1) Download game link that you like below
2) transfer the file in your memory card in the Games directory
3) browse on the phone
4) install
Game Installation: Taglish
1) Download nyo po yung game link na gusto nyo sa baba
2) tanggalin ang memory card sa phone at ilagay sa memory card reader then ikabit sa pc
3) kopyahin yung file  sa memory card in Games directory kung walang Games directory gumawa po
4) ibalik yung memory card sa phone
5) hanapin ang nilagay nyong game sa phone in Games directory
Paano hanapin:
---->My File---->Games (makikita nyo po dito yung game)
6) Install

Alternate Game Installation using pc bluetooth
1) Download game file below
2) transfer the  file using pc bluetooth to phone bluetooth
3) after transfer select go on phone
4) install

Download Corby 2 Games Here


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