CORBY 2 THEMES: Girls Generation Theme by Anonymous

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CORBY 2 THEMES: Girls Generation Theme by Anonymous

Korean girl group, Shoujo Jidai (Girls’ Generation), recently released their latest single “Oh!” and entered the Oricon chart at number one on its first day.

It has now been announced that they will also be releasing a new single on November 14th titled “FLOWER POWER”. The lyrics will be sexy as they tell a story of a girl trying to escape the pursuit of a man on the dance floor. To tie in with that, the promotional picture shows all nine members trying to escape from a searchlight that is following them.

Download Corby 2 Themes Here
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This installation guide is for SAMSUNG Corby 2 user...
1.Click the Download button to get the .smt file 
2. Send .smt  file from your PC to your mobile via USB or Bluetooth 
3. Go to MENU > My Files > Themes > Tap the name of the theme (e.g.heroesofnewerth.smt) 
4. Tap Set and Exit and you're done.

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